Life 5 Things That Happened When I Created My Minimalist Wardrobe June 19, 2017

Everything I got rid of to help me transition into being a minimalist

A couple of weeks ago, I was inspired. I had been looking into something called Project 333 for a while prior to this, as my boyfriend Jared had been encouraging me to try it out. And I finally decided to take the plunge – I was FINALLY starting my minimalist wardrobe.


You might have heard of Project 333 or you might not have. Essentially, it is a challenge that was created by Courtney Carver to downsize your wardrobe into 33 items of clothing. You can box up the remaining of your wardrobe, and every 3 months, you can switch some garments out, choose to get rid of the items you didn’t wear during the 3 months, etc. Basically, whatever works best for YOU.


Of course there are more rules and a guideline that Courtney created, but the intent is to be as flexible as possible.


As I said, I was inspired. And I figured, if I was going to do this, might as well go all out … right?

First Step to Becoming a Minimalist – less clothes!

I came home from work one day and went to work on my closet. I took out every single article of clothing and threw it on the bed.Honestly, I could not believe how many clothes I had, much less all the clothes I couldn’t even remember wearing in the last 6 months or longer.

The first start to becoming a minimalist was going through all my clothes in my closet
This is what it looked like when I took EVERYTHING out of my closet

I picked up each piece, one-by-one. I had a “keep” pile and a “get rid of” pile. It was overwhelming, but I ended up getting rid of more than 50 garments … I honestly didn’t think I even had that much when I think of all the times I say to myself, “I have NOTHING to wear!!!”


While this was exciting for me, it was also kind of intimidating. I wasn’t able to narrow it down to 33 items. I think my final count was 42. But I honestly already felt so much better about doing this for myself. I have been thinking about being a minimalist for a little more than a year now, and this was officially my first step into taking that.

Everything I got rid of to help me transition into being a minimalist
All of my clothes I am getting rid of! It feels so good

Here are some of the things I realized as I was doing this, and during the weeks following my raid:


1. I am lighter and free.

Seriously, it sounds so cliche, but I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Maybe because I wouldn’t be so stressed in the mornings when getting ready for work – after all, I only have a select few pieces to choose from now. Perhaps it was because I felt so cluttered before when I walked into my closet. I have no idea, but it felt good.


2. I learned that less really is more.

I have never been the kind of girl who wanted to grow up, get married, live in a cookie-cutter house and have kids run around in a backyard lined with a white picket fence. That is not ideal to me, though I know it is for a lot of people. When I got rid of most of my clothes, I finally saw that little flicker in my head that something more could come of this. I could live more simply and travel the world. I could experience new things if I make the slow transition into becoming minimalist. Possessions stopped at just that: possessions. And I am happier with a lot less than I was with more.


3. I am more conscious of my spending habits.

If I see something I really like or want, I ask myself, “Do I need this?” “Will this make me a better person if I have it?” If the answer is no to those questions, I stroll on by. It is a lot harder in the beginning and I am still learning how to say no to myself.


4. I am more aware of the future.

As I look ahead, I think more about how I can live even more minimally. Getting rid of stuff I don’t need throughout the apartment, and not just the closet. Or how I can encourage others to make the change I made.

5. I learned to let go of the phrase “I might use this later on” or something along those lines.

If you haven’t used it or worn it in months, get rid of it. I know it’s easier to put in words than it is actually doing it, but if you put said thing in a box and put it away for a while, would you miss it? Would you even realize it’s gone? If that is a no, you don’t need it. It is not essential to your goals or how you are living.


As I make the transition into living as a minimalist, I am obviously wanting to make more changes. I feel like I can’t move fast enough! If you are thinking of taking on the challenge of downsizing your wardrobe or transitioning into becoming a minimalist, I say do it. Start with the small stuff like I have, and work your way into making it your new lifestyle.


Are you a minimalist?


If so, what helped you transition into one?

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