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Iced protein coffee

Good morning, and Happy Monday everyone!


I am recovering from this past weekend. A lot of my family came to town and we had a party to celebrate Independence Day on Saturday! There was a lot of swimming, pool volleyball, jello shots, delicious other drinks and amazing food that my uncle cooked.

4th of july - iced protein coffee

Jared and I followed that up with some arcade games at Dave and Buster’s with friends, and now I just want to sleep and binge watch some TV shows. I am thankful to have today and tomorrow off before going back to work on Wednesday!


Annnnnyyywayyyy, on to the important stuff! 😉


It is currently raining in Dallas, Texas, so I have been going back and forth from watching Grey’s Anatomy to sitting on the balcony with Olivia and enjoying some iced protein coffee and the rainfall.

Iced Coffee - chillin on the patio

Honestly, nothing goes better together than rain and coffee. Annnnd I am definitely taking advantage of my four day weekend (hello, 4th of July) by just relaxing and lounging around. I wasn’t even going to post anything on the blog until Wednesday.


Even though it is raining, it isn’t your typical rain. After all, this is Texas. And so rain in the summer is humid, sticky, hot and just blughhh. That’s an adjective, right? 


Hot coffee is not an option, at least not for me. So I always turn to iced coffee. I also have been avidly incorporating intermittent fasting in my days so I can eat larger meals, but on the weekends and vacations, coffee is a must every morning. It just makes me feel complete, you know?


I am not a huge breakfast eater, so I was needing a new way to get my protein in on these days when coffee is a necessity. Protein is so hard to get, and I try to get in at least 100 grams a day since I count my macros. My ultimate goal is 110 grams, though.


I have been playing around with iced protein coffee and different recipes, but honestly … nothing was ever good enough. But finally… FINALLY. I have created the perfect iced protein coffee that will be sure to cool you off on a hot, summer day, wake you up, AND give you a great balance of macronutrients.


Uhhhh, what sounds better than that?!


Here is the amazing, perfect, and better yet, EASY recipe:


First thing is first: make sure you use a large tumbler or mug… whatever you want, just makes sure it’s big because this will take a lot of volume!


Then you need to brew 8oz of hot coffee. (don’t worry, this won’t last long – as I said, this is ICED protein coffee, and I am NOT backing down on my word)


I like to add 100 grams of sweetened Almond milk to help cool the coffee down. You can use any milk of your choice, I just can’t vouch for how it will taste.


Next, I add 92 grams of carton egg whites to the drink. Make sure they are carton egg whites and not egg whites you cracked out of eggs. Those aren’t pasteurized and can cause salmonella; carton egg whites are pasteurized and you won’t run that risk!


This step can be skipped, but I like to also add just a bit (15grams) of preferred coffee creamer (I use Dunkin’ Donuts Caramel flavor) for a little bit of added flavor.


Stir all of the liquids together, but don’t blend in the blender or the egg whites will get frothy and the texture will seem off. Not good.


If the coffee isn’t cool from all the cold liquids you just added, then go ahead and pop it in the freezer for a few minutes. Don’t forget about it!


Once the coffee is cold, add quite a bit of ice and sweeten with stevia (or don’t) to taste.


If you want more protein, I used half a scoop (15 grams) of ISO Prime Cinnamon Bun protein. Any protein will work, but it just matters on your taste preferences. ISO Prime is a favorite of mine! And if you do decide to add in this step, skip the sweetener step because the sweetness from the protein should help the coffee.

iced protein Coffee

And Voila! You just made some delicious, quick iced protein coffee! How easy was that? My favorite is how large of a batch it makes! This lasts me a couple of hours.


Without the added protein, the macros for this decadent coffee are: 10 Protein, 9 Carbs, 3 Fat.


When I added the ISO Prime Cinnamon Bun protein, the macros became 23 Protein, 9 Carbs and 3 Fat.


Not too shabby, right?!


I know that many people struggle with getting their daily protein goals. While I usually HATE drinking my protein, this little food hack has helped me tremendously … and it’s delish!


And when I added the cinnamon roll flavored protein, it was like a snickerdoodle cookie in coffee form!

1.What little hacks do you do to get more protein in during the day?

2.What did you/are you going to do for the 4th of July?


Well, the sun just came out, so I am going to find a way to enjoy it!I hope y’all’s week is a great one!


Xo Jo

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