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Prepare for the best quality blog post

Happy Monday!

Do you ever go into a Monday and just KNOW it’s going to be a long and rough week?

That is soooo me today. I am leaving for a family vacation on Friday, so I know this entire week is going to drag until then.

I love starting the week off with a blog post. I don’t know why, but I feel like it’s a great kick-start to the week!

It’s also great because I usually spend my Sunday’s brainstorming ideas for the upcoming week to blog about, then I get started writing on Monday!

Everyone has their little “routines” when they start writing for their blog – which I think is SO important! “Setting the tone” can make sure you’re ready to produce quality content or not.

That is how it is for me, anyhow!

So I am here to present my routine to producing quality blog posts in hopes that it helps you!

Set Your Mood

Alright, I am not talking about lighting candles and spreading rose petals on the ground just so you can start writing. Unless that’s your thing – you do you, boo!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t just write a post while binge-watching my favorite Netflix show (Grey’s Anatomy atm) and straight chillin’. Some people can, and I applaud you. However, I have tried that, and my post came out rather shitty. There was no path or direction and it seemed like I threw it together last minute.

Needless to say, I was not focused and I had to scrap that and rewrite it completely. Waste. Of. Time.

Majority of the time, I like to write my blog posts in my bedroom or outside on the patio, depending on the weather. Olivia loves to hang out and keep me company when I am out there.

How to prepare for the most perfect blog post!
When I blog in my bedroom, Olivia usually sits on the bench under the window, and sometimes even on the window sill!

The fresh air really creates a clear head for me, and I am on a roll!

My bedroom as a soft, muted blue comforter that also puts me in that really calm state so I can focus better. Plus, nothing is more relaxing than a just-made bed! 🙂

Plan Ahead

Nothing is worse than getting prepared to write something and then sitting there for 30 minutes without a word on the document. NOTHING.

This is why I always keep a notes section on my phone dedicated to ideas and thoughts that I can incorporate on a blog post. Sometimes it’s even just a phrase that can inspire me!

Always write down things that sound like they might be good topics to cover on your blog. Whether it be in your phone, on a tablet, in a notebook – whatever works best for you! Writer’s block is a curse and this is one way to prevent it from taking over!

Side Note: Sometimes my best blog posts do come on a whim, but don’t rely on those all the time! Have a plan B!

Brain Food

I don’t typically eat when I decide to write my blog post, but I definitely make myself a piping hot cup of Jo to keep me motivated.

How cliche is that? A blogger who drinks coffee? I know, I know. I can’t help myself, though! Whatever your beverage of choice is, use that! I know some who drink tea, water … hell, if it suits you best, go for that giant glass of wine! No one is judging you!

Prepare yourself for the most perfect blog post!
I’m not sure why Olivia is so adamant on getting her grimy paws to the bottom of my empty mugs!

And, if real brain food does entice your typing fingers, go for that too! I don’t usually eat because I get really irritated with having to wipe my fingers off or getting my keyboard all crumby.

Listen to Some Jams

Music sets the tone, right? That is our goal here, riiiiight?!

That’s what I thought. While I can’t watch anything and write at the same time, I thoroughly enjoy some music and writing. I can literally get lost while music flows in the background of my head.

Some of my favorite artists to listen to when I write are Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, Lana Del Rey … Anything with that vibe-y, slow sound to it. Don’t get me wrong, I love some Eminem. Just not when I write.


Wow, such enlightening, much learned. But in all seriousness, how often do you finish writing your blog post, and publish it as is?

I really hope you said never.

I ALWAYS take the time to read what I write at least 3 times, if not MORE. Even then, I go back to read my posts and find errors. The grammar nazi in me cringes every time, but I usually leave them after because, well, they have most likely already been seen!

I make sure to include editing time in the time I am setting aside to write. If I don’t feel like it’s complete, I will come back to it. Sometimes it’s good to step away from it for awhile!

Well, I hope that this helped you come up with some of your own tips and tricks to preparing for a quality blog post!


Do you have a specific routine you follow when writing a blog post?
I would love know your own tips!

Until next time,

Xo Jordan

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