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Witch Hazel is a great alternative to regular deodorant
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I am going to get straight to the point.


I hate chemicals. Like I reallllyyyy hate them.


I’m not trying to be hypocritical either, because I know I still incorporate them in my everyday life. But some things are just unnecessary, you know?

I have transitioned from harsh chemical bath products, to all-natural ones. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash (did you know natural body wash doesn’t foam up, so weird)… but I am here to talk about something REALLY important, and the VERY first product I changed to all-natural.




Yeah, I know. Not a typical topic of discussion, but here we are… discussin’ it.


If you didn’t know that deodorant has a chemical in it called Aluminum, well, you might as well be Patrick Star, living under a rock.


Did you know that Aluminum is also HORRIBLE for your body? I didn’t at first, but I sure as hell do now!


In fact, it has been linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer (yikes … things I am trying to prevent, not get!).


Even though there are countless studies about this that can be found on our king search engine, Google, … why are people still treating it as if it’s nothing but dust in the wind?


Sure, it can be hard to find a natural deodorant that can actually work, and that is, in fact, because they do not contain Aluminum!


That nasty little chemical results in blocking your sweat ducts and reduces the perspiration, while natural deodorant just make ya body smell good … still sweat, but you smell good. Do you get what I am putting down?


Yes, it is an inconvenience to ACTUALLY sweat. But is that really worse than the diseases it’s linked to?


No, not to me!


Another main thing is straying away from your favorite line and venturing out to find that natural deodorant that actually works.


Well, fear not readers, for I have done the hard part for you!


While I usually just skip wearing deodorant (gross, I know … but chemicals .. eeeek), I do have some faves of mine that I use when I go out, workout,  or when it’s hot as hell here in Texas. 


*Currently typing this while it’s 95 degrees outside, and not cloud or gust of wind in sight*


First thing is first, and it’s not a deodorant. It’s Witch Hazel! My all-time favorite brand is Thayer’s and this hack is top notch.


I literally will just dab this awesome potion onto a cotton ball and swipe it faster than you can swipe left on that guy from high school who just popped up on your Tinder. No. Thank You.


When I found out this was hack to prevent sweat, I was soooooo excited because I keep this shit on me ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously, it’s like coconut oil in which it has so many uses (toner, makeup remover, prevents ingrown hairs – witch hazel has got your back, hun).

Tom's deodorant is an aluminum-free deodorant that is a great and cheaper alternative to the harsh chemicals found in regular deodorant

Another holy grail that I have found is Tom’s deodorant. This was the first all-natural deodorant I tried, and honestly, it is lovely. It has a great scent, and it keeps me fresh as a daisy for several hours. I do have to reapply in the middle of the day, but that is nothing to me, really.


The only problem with Tom’s is that it is more of a gel consistency and feels kind of sticky. But it works, and that is fine with me!


Recently, I have tried Schmidt’s deodorant. This one … this one is life-changing. It feels like a regular deodorant. It smells good and lasts a lot longer!


Seriously, if we could mash the smell of Tom’s and the consistency of Schmidt’s – well, this post wound’t exist. I’d tell you guys “hey buy this deodorant RIGHT HERE. the end. Enjoy. Bye.”


It is a little more expensive than the Tom’s brand, so it all just depends on how much you are willing to shill out to tame the B.O.! But honestly … I prefer this one over Tom’s now because of how great it is.


And lastly… as already mentioned earlier. Coconut oil has many uses, and using it to help with your body smell is yet another option to go with! It won’t help with actual sweating, but.. At least when you do sweat, you will smell like a pina colada/vacation? And who doesn’t like those things?!


Have you stopped using deodorant because of Aluminum?


If sooooo, I need your help!


PLEASE let me know what your go-to’s are to smelling and feeling fresh!

And if you make your own, pleaseeee send me the concoction link or post it in the comments!


I love all of the things I have tried above, but I am all about the 100% BEST options when it comes to things like this!


Thank you, guys!


Xx Jordan


4 Different All-Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorant Alternatives

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