Blogging, Life, Wild Thoughts I’m Bringing Raw Blogging Back; Back To The Roots August 6, 2017

Raw blogging with coffee

When I started blogging about two months ago, I had a plan. It was sure-fire! I was going to become an instant hit.

Womp-womp. Didn’t happen.

I thought to myself, what was wrong with my blog? It looks nice – crisp and white like a lot of successful bloggers. I talked about the same things that other bloggers were talking about. I thought I was doing everything right!

Wrong. Can you think of a reason why I wasn’t getting anywhere with my blog? I’ll help you out.

I was comparing myself and trying to mirror “other bloggers.” BOOM. Did you guess that?

I was writing about things that interested me, of course. But, even if it’s interesting, why would someone read MY post when 100 other bloggers with thousands of subscribers have already written about it?

Why did I think I was so special!?!?

Too be honest, and put it shortly, I lost myself in the common blogging community. The fashionistas and the beauty bloggers, the ones who travel 24/7 and talk about their adventures. I am NOT them, so why was I trying to be them?

Maybe I didn’t exactly lose myself…. Maybe I just didn’t really “find” myself or my voice immediately when I clicked “go live” on my blog, sharing to the world my thoughts and words.

But THAT’S OKAY. It might take a while for you to find yourself, your voice, your muse. But the fact is, you’ve started something that is your own… so take control of it!

I love to blog, I love to write, and I love to take photos (though I know I am not very good at that) … but I’m facing the facts now.

I am not a bubbly, bright, photogenic, hunky-dory person. I don’t know why I was pretending to be.

I’m free-spirited. I’m raw. I tell it how it is and I take shit from no one. I don’t mold myself to be something I am not.

I’m not crisp or clean. I’m messy and unorganized. I won’t pretend to have it all figured out (’cause I don’t).

I have a LOT of unpopular opinions I want to share.

(For example, Ross and Rachel should NOT have ended up together. I am willing to accept the hate on this.)

So, I guess what I am saying is I’m making a promise to myself and my readers to be more transparent. Be more “real” and original. No more “xo”’s, no more “YASSS GIRL”’s, and no more basic bitch.

In a community where there’s way too many posts with affiliate links, trying to sell an “original” product, outfit details, and TEN REASONS YOU SHOULD KISS MY ASS, transparency is rare these days.

I dabbled a little bit about this on an Instagram post, but I figured it was a blog-worthy topic – so if you follow me on there, I’m sorry if this seems repetitive. 🙂

To say the least, I think the “raw” part of blogging has become lost, but I am bringing it back now. After all, isn’t that why blogging became a thing in the first place?

So, hi! Welcome to Jordanmwa. Here, we don’t kiss ass. We are real. We are raw. And that is what I love about blogging – you can create any community  you want!

Peace, love and raw-ness,


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