Life, Wild Thoughts How The Law of Attraction Can Change Your Life August 8, 2017

How the Law of Attraction Can Change Your Life

If you follow me on Instagram and you read my blog, you will quickly find out that I LOVE to dive deeper into the topics I skim over on my ‘gram right here in my space.

Instagram captions can only hold so much, and you can only type a decent paragraph long enough to captivate your audience for .2 seconds.

I love to share photos and positive, thought-provoking captions with each and every one. In my opinion Captions > Photos. I’m a writer, not a photographer. And I do like the occasional visual to accompany my words. Instagram in perfect in the sense that it’s like a spark notes for my blog. You can come here and read more and have better convos! 🙂

So, yesterday I shared a photo with, what I think, was a great message about positive affirmations. Of course, I want to delve more into that.

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction?

I hadn’t until a few months ago. It is defined as:

The belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

That makes sense, right? If you think positively, you will have a positive life. The same will happen with negativity.

Do you remember the last time you thought positive affirmations to yourself? You are smart, capable, strong, worthy, independent…? If not, WHY not?

“You are what you think you are.”

It is proven that if you think something, your energy will build on that and make it a reality in your life. Negative or positive. The universe will just do its thannggg.

You speak your thoughts, and the universe will manifest them into existence. The Law of Attraction will attract to you whatever energy you are exerting out.

Maybe it has nothing to do with you as a person, and maybe you want something in your life. Maybe it’s to be more financially stable, a house, a car, to be able to travel – The Law of Attraction can and will work with any of those things, as long as you are putting out the energy and positive vibes.

Ever since I heard about The Law of Attraction, I have been doing research and I have been more positive in my day-to-day life. My attention has been turned away from the negative things that surrounded my life. I now only think of happiness, the things I love, the things I want to do… and I am much happier.

To be honest, it’s hard to believe that your extended vibrations aren’t looked at from the universe when I personally have started small and have received back so much. 

For example, last month I sent my manager a proposal to work from home. While she was going over it and looking into it, I kept saying to myself “I know they are going to let me. I know I will be working from home.” After three weeks, my manager called me and told me that my request was approved. I am highly certain that it happened because of the energy I was putting into it. The positives.

So I am going to say the same thing I said on my photo caption – Start a challenge within yourself. Think of one positive affirmation a day. Or maybe think of one thing you want to do or have. Say it daily. Say it weekly. Make it a habit. Before you know it, you won’t even realize you’re doing it, and that is when the positivity will start to take over.

I promise you, once you start to believe that good things can happen, and you are a good thing, your intentions will manifest off of your pure energy. You will see the changes start to happen in your life.

I don’t want you to think of it as narcissism or selfishness. It’s not. This is your happiness. The second you stop being negative towards yourself, your positivity and confidence will radiate out of you.

You deserve this. Your soul deserves this. Your life deserves this.


Until next time,