Life, Wild Thoughts Let It Go: Allow Forgiveness To Be Your Fresh Start August 14, 2017

Let It Go: Allow Forgiveness To Be Your Fresh Start

Good morning and HAPPY Monday, everyone.

I love how Monday’s are the overall symbol for “fresh” or “new” start.

Most people say to themselves “This Monday, I am going to ___” fill in that blank with: workout, eat healthy, look for a new job, start that paper … the list can go on and on…

While those are great goals to achieve, how about starting fresh within yourself?

Specifically, I am talking about forgiveness.

Honestly, it might not sound like much, but holding grudges towards people can have your entire life in a turmoil. Grasping onto that negativity produces bad energy, and bad energy doesn’t really get us where we want to go in life, does it?

I have had great friendships and relationships, and I have also had horrible friendships and relationships. Some left me bitter and angry, and others left me sad and wondering what I did wrong?

When I was in college, I held onto the negative energy that some of those relationships left behind. I was young and naive. Mix that with hurt and confusion, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Whenever I would think about a friendship that just evaporated without closure, my anger would surface all over again. It was a vicious cycle that I knew could not keep happening.

And then one day, everything just changed. At risk of sounding cheesy: I no longer wanted to retain the negative energy that would find its way inside me every time I thought about why someone just left and why we stopped being friends.

It was becoming toxic to my way of living. I was happy at times, but then would get consumed with rage and sadness once my mind subconsciously allowed me to think about it.

It wasn’t healthy. No way to live life.

So I made it a personal goal to forgive those who did me wrong… or who just left without saying goodbye. It hurt me all in the same and I was capturing that pain and forcing it to stay.

There were some relationships I knew I could not mend, and so I just forgave them within myself.

“I’m sorry this couldn’t work out.” And I let it go. Let them go.

Others, I wanted to reach out to personally and really let them know how sorry I was. Maybe I did something wrong.

I wasn’t looking to start over a friendship – but if it happened, I wouldn’t oblige – I just wanted that closure.

And I did that. I reached out to some people I thought I would never talk to again. (I have to thank social media for allowing the easy access to find and message people.)

The relief I got when I pressed send and got replies back was instantaneous and amazing.

But I can’t even describe the inner peace that I got once my heart knew I was really ready to forgive.

A Tip…

If you think it may help, try writing down the names or situations you need to forgive on a piece of paper. Go down the list and individually forgive each and every one. Once you’re done, burn the paper. Don’t burn it in rage or revenge. Just burn it to finally rid your mind and soul of these things taking over.

I know forgiveness is not easy – there were some situations that were actually really fucking hard to forgive and let go. But it’s worth it, and it’s achievable. It might not be able to happen overnight, but if you manifest it enough, you’ll eventually find it easier to do.

In Closing …

If you want to make it not only a great week, but a great life, I strongly encourage you to find the forgiveness that your soul needs. It might seem impossible, but it’s possible.

And once you find it in your soul for forgiveness, you will really be on your way to the fresh start that everyone talks about.

Except you don’t have to wait for Monday.

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