Life, Wild Thoughts Why You Need To Kick First Impressions To The Curb August 25, 2017

Growing up, we were always told that first impressions were everything.

At least that is what I was told.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that a lot of my thoughts I made about a person based off my first impression of them were not always accurate. Actually, almost 100% of them were completely far off!

So I have learned to take first impressions with a grain of salt.

Truth be told, if someone was going to make a final call on how they perceive me based off meeting me once for a short time period, I would say that is a little unfair!

I will be the first to admit when I first meet someone, I come off probably cold, introverted, definitely awkward and a little quiet.

But I can GUARANTEE to you that is not me. Well, except the awkward part.

That is 100% true.

I would say I am loud, happy, very extroverted and MORE awkward the more you get to know me! And I talk a LOT. Something I would never do when I first meet someone.

I have met a lot of people (duh, I’m not a hermit, though that does sound nice sometimes!), and some have come off as rude because they didn’t talk a lot. After a few more encounters, they are start opening up more, chiming in on conversations, and before you know it, they are the funniest person in the room! Who would have known?! I wouldn’t have if I let my first impression of them stand in the way of getting to know them more!

On the other hand, I have also met some very friendly people off the bat. They talk a lot and charm you from the get go. Then the more I hung out with them, I noticed they were rude, overly-sarcastic and they gossiped a lot more than I felt comfortable. (Gossiping is a form of negativity I try not to invite into my life).

It just goes to show that first impressions should not always be trusted. Some people know how to play their cards, while others are just holding up their guard and protecting themselves. Which I can totally understand doing in the world we live in.

I know we all like to think we are experts at reading people, but that is simply just not the case with most first impressions. Many people might surprise you after you give them more than one or even two chances!

What do you think? Do you base your thoughts on first impressions? Or do you wait after a few more meetings to judge someone’s character and personality?


Have a great weekend everyone!


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