Life How and Why We Decided to Buy A Skoolie?! October 10, 2017

HOW and WHY we bought a SKOOLIE

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you probably missed my most recent announcement that I made this past weekend!

To put it in as few of words as possible, we bought a Skoolie (school bus)!

You can probably tell that from the title, too. But oh well, I am all for reiterating!

This is also why I have been MIA for the last several weeks. Just a lot of stress and already working on the skoolie. I decided to come to my blog and answer the most common question we are getting when we tell people we bought a skoolie:


And that is not always a simple answer. I get really flustered and nervous because I know it’s a crazy decision, but it was OUR decision (Mine and Jared’s, my boyfriend of about 3 years).

So I just wanted to go into a little more detail about our “why” and our thought process behind this crazy idea we had!

When Jared and I first started dating, we just got each other, you know? We had similar beliefs and morals and we thought the same way. There was more to life than buying a cookie cutter house, having a mortgage and being stuck in one place forever.

We became SUPER invested in tiny houses. We watched all the TV shows about them on HGTV, we looked up a ton of ideas and ways to make it work, and we knew this is what we wanted. It just felt right!

Earth Day!

To make sure this is something we wanted for sure, we went to the 2017 Earth Day in Dallas, Texas where they had a tiny house village so that people could tour other people’s tiny houses, ask questions and get a feel for what it’s like.

The tiny houses that were being showcased there were ranging from larger to smaller, to off-grid and having hookups, and there was even a converted school bus – a skoolie!

Given, at the time, we were not that interested in it. I went and looked inside it and Jared stood back to look at more tiny houses since the line to the skoolie was so long. My first thought of the skoolie was that it was narrow, but surprisingly functional.

But we kept reverting back to the tiny house.

Fast-forward several months and we are still on our tiny house idea. Our lease for our apartment is ending in December, so we needed to make some sort of decision and FAST.

We found the builders we wanted to use for our house, and so what was left was applying for a loan. We kept pushing it off and pushing it off.

Deciding factor:

Then one night, we turned on the movie “Captain Fantastic,” one of the movies I talked about last week and one of my favorite movies now. It’s about a guy who lives in a skoolie with his six children. I highly recommend watching it! 

The next day I woke up, and Jared and I started talking and he looks at me and says “If we do the tiny house thing, we will still have monthly payments. We will still be stuck making those payments, and that isn’t what we want.”

While I knew that, I wasn’t sure where he was going. I said “Okay, so what do you want to do?”

And he goes “A bus. A skoolie. We can do it ourselves and Roy can help us.”

Roy is Jared’s step-father who is a genius in plumbing and electrical, and is a pretty good carpenter on top of all that!

After more talking, I finally agreed… and luckily, Jared had been doing his research already. He found a guy a few hours South who sells buses, and we had planned to go down there the next day to go look at a few.

When Jared called him up, the guy said it was fine, but he was currently in Dallas picking up more buses.

How convenient was that? We are located in the DFW area! Jared let him know, and we arranged to meet him THAT DAY to look at a bus the guy thought was in top shape for a skoolie.

We met him at the Dallas County School Bus yard and took our bus for a test drive.

After sitting at the place for more than an hour, we needed to make a decision.

I told Jared, this is our dream. And if we don’t jump into it now, we will constantly be doubting ourselves and might not even go through with it.

And that was the deciding factor! We put the downpayment on it that day, the man delivered it the next to Waco and then we payed him the rest after that was all said and done!

It all happened so fast, but we took it as the universe sending us signs, and we couldn’t ignore that!

Why a Skoolie?

The reason why we decided on a skoolie is because we are done with renting, but we don’t want a house – at least, not yet. We both want a life of adventure, and we have been talking about going tiny since we can remember. This way, we don’t have to buy a truck, we have everything in once place, and it just works best for us.

This isn’t going to be easy, but there is no fun in easy! I think it will be a journey to get our bus converted, and of course another journey when we start to travel.

We finally decided on a name, and I have created an Instagram to give updates in real-time! Her name is Alice and you can find her here.

I will also go into more depth here on my blog on how we chose to do things, products we have decided on and more!

I think we are even going to start a Youtube channel because videos are a lot easier with something of such articulate formation!

The options are endless, and I am so excited to document this journey!

Like I said on my Instagram: there is more to life than paying bills and existing.


I’ll be happy to answer any more questions!


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