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how I made my first $100 blogging

I did it! I finally made my first profit from blogging after going at it for six months!

When I started blogging, I knew that making money was an option, as well as getting sent things so that I could review and share on my platform, etc. BUT, that was not my primary intention.

In fact, I went in thinking I probably wouldn’t make money off of it, and solely worked on it for my own benefit of writing what I wanted at my own free-will.

The internet is cool that way.

I actually wrote a post about blogging for all the wrong reasons, and I think that if you go in blogging and wanting to make money, you will seem ingenuine, people won’t like you, and thus.. No money. Womp.

When I started blogging in June, and started hitting some high trafficking numbers for such a new blog, I was excited. People like what I write?! That was more thrilling than the thought that I would or could eventually profit off my blog.

So, I have finally made my first $100 off my blog, and it is giving me a giddy feeling. That is money I never would have made without my blog.

Now… I am no where close to quitting my full-time job, but hey, that is a good chunk of change that I am proud of!

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. I’m sure you’re wondering how I made my first $100 off my blog…

I can tell you one thing.. It was not ads. Nope. There was absolutely no monetary gain from ads or even affiliate links, as hard-to-believe as that may sound.

Okay, so tell us what was it?!!?

Drum roll please….

It was actually sponsored posts!

  • Yes, I was paid to write about specific products in exchange for money.
  • No, I did not lie about the products in exchange for money.
    • I feel very passionately about products I endorse. If it’s something I would not personally use, then I do not work with said products/company.
  • Yes, I have been contacted by companies that I have not worked with because I wasn’t a fan of their product or their mission.
  • Yes, I lost out on money.
  • No, I do not regret it.

In fact, I think that rejecting those prospective partners brought me to where my blog is today!

Now, I bet you are wondering HOW I got sponsored posts.

Well, to be honest, I did not go out and snatch them.

They actually came to me.

Side note: I do encourage people to reach out to companies that they love to see if you can work with them, but I have been so busy producing content for my Instagram and working on my blog that I just was not worried about contacting others at the moment.

So, when I got these emails that certain companies wanted to work with me, I was ecstatic! I was caught off-guard, but it felt good that people came across my work and thought I would be a good partner.

Since I had never written a sponsored post before, once they asked me for rates, I just kinda threw a number out there. I wish that I would have given a bigger number, because neither companies tried to talk me down or even hesitated. Oh well, you live and you learn!

So there you go! That is how I pocketed my first $100 – and I really think that anyone can do it!

While it seems like I just sat back and waiting, I really feel like working so hard on my blog really helped me get contact with these people.

If you have been thinking about starting a blog to make money, ask yourself: Do I love to write that much?

If the answer is no, you are going to grow impatient and quit the blog all together. Blogging is not a way to make money fast. It takes persistence, patience and a whole lot of dedication. It is not easy, but it is doable.

So, if you answered yes to that question, then I really think if you stick to it and have a clear goal and purpose, then you can definitely make money off blogging!

Here is what you need to focus on your blog so that you can get people contacting YOU:

Great content – Try creating lists, weekly blog posts or something informative that people will enjoy. When people learn something, they will come back to try and learn more. You now have a regular reader.

Share, share and share again! – Seriously, share on all your platforms. I know it might come off as spammy or maybe you are scared to let your family and friends find out you blog, but they are your greatest support! Don’t be an anonymous blogger – share your friggin’ heart out!

Work on other social platforms – Once I started sharing more on my social media, particularly Instagram, that is when my traffic started to rise more and more with each share. Not only that, but I was gaining more followers on Instagram. There was a time period where I was posting one picture a day, and I gained about 1800 followers within a month.

Comment on other’s posts – Once you comment on someone else’s posts, other people are bound to see you and check you out. I spend a lot of time on IG liking and commenting on other people’s posts and I really think that is how I got BOTH of my sponsored posts – that, plus hashtags.

And lastly, hashtags on Instagram – find out popular hashtags, but not the overpopulated ones. I try to stick between 50,000-300,000 photos within the hashtag. Use them. Put them in all your posts. Use the max (30) hashtags. People and companies find you a lot this way. This is a free way to market yourself, so USE IT.

Other ways to make money:

Affiliate marketing – I already said I don’t really do this.. I have tried, but I have never gotten sales from it. It’s a lot harder when you blog about more of what’s on your mind. I think affiliate links work well for fashion blogs, or people who review more things than I do. Affiliate marketing/links can really add up, and I highly advise that you use them whenever you can!


This post was kind of random, I was just way too excited to talk about it since it’s my first buck (or hundred!) that I have made! I really would love to help others and encourage them that if you are passionate about your blog and your writing, then there is no way that you won’t be able to make money from it! I just advise that you don’t lose yourself in the hype of it all, and continue to work towards it, even if it takes another half a year to get to your next $100!


How long did it take you to make your first dollar from your blog?


Please feel free to ask any questions!




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