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Skoolie Updates

Happy Friday, people!!!!

Friday is my favorite day… Isn’t it everyone’s? Okay, but it is more of my favorite because the weekends are for the SKOOLIE! And I just get way too over-joyous about it.

By now, most of you guys should know that Jared and I bought a bus and we are converting it to be our full-time home. AKA a skoolie. It has been way too exciting, and also, super stressful.

I know I haven’t updated my blog a lot, but you can check our busgram out and get more real-time updates. I stopped updating because I thought progress wasn’t happening fast enough. Now that I look back at my last update post, a lot has happened since then! Which goes to show, good things take time, and little things are what make up the big picture! AMIRITE?!

So I am here to update a little bit, go in depth and let you know of some unexpected changes.


So, wow.. since the last update post, we have gotten almost every wall put up. We used a lot of plywood and some decorative wood that looks like shiplap (shoutout to Joanna Gaines and Magnolia). Also, we used a lot of OSB which we kind of found was a tiny mistake, but it does give the walls some sturdiness to them once we do cover them up. We put wood all around the bathroom and I am obsessed with how it turned out.Skoolie updates!

Most of our couch is done, which is a little relieving and a little disheartening. We decided to just make our couch a storage area and not have it fold out to a bed for future guests. I was upset about this at first, but realized we are building this based on OUR needs and not anyone else’s. I think it looks so good and can’t wait to get the hinges on so it’s actually working!

We also worked a lot on our Murphy bed.. there are some quirks and kinks we need to finalize, but I am happy with the turnout and that most of our bed is finished! We have never seen a Murphy bed in a skoolie, so if you have, send us a link!!

Last weekend, Jared and I went to Dallas to pick up our RIGHT fridge… after a lot of consideration, both of us decided we wanted all matching appliances (stainless steel) and the fridge we got was black.. so we returned it and found the one we needed. It’s PERFECT for our skoolie!

We also decided to move our dryer into our utility room because we figured we could use the space where the dryer was as a closet… so excited for this change as well!

And lastly, we FINALLY moved our water heater under the sink because it just made more sense that way. Skoolie updates!


I am loving the learning process of this.

It has been a journey and experience I would have never thought I would get in this lifetime! I am beyond thankful for Jared’s step dad, Roy, who has helped tremendously on this. And just his parents in general for allowing us to park a 40ft giant, bright-ass yellow school bus on their property so that we have the space to fix her up!

We are also super thankful for my family and their constant support through this! It’s not easy – in fact, it’s very stressful – so this would all be impossible without the constant reminder that we ave people on our side.

Skoolie updates!


Okay – Update is done! Sigh of relief. I will definitely do a better job at updates. 🙂

I also wanted to talk about my last post, and promoting a plant-based diet. I have almost completely transitioned into plant-based eating, and surprisingly it hasn’t been hard. My cravings for meat actually became non-existent after I watched Earthlings. There have been some instances where I have had a little bit of dairy or beef. But I have completely taken out all instances of chicken, and I never ate pig anyway.

I have some resources that I would like to give you in case you are having troubles with going plant-based or vegan.

My favorite is High Carb Hannah – her videos are amazing, especially the take-out noodles in this one. So easy and so amazing! It literally takes me like 10 minutes to make. Plant-based recipes!

Another great channel on YouTube is That Vegan Couple… they do get a little intense, but some of their words they say throughout their videos make so much sense and I can tell they come from a great place.

I also tried this recipe on Pinterest, and it was hashtag amazing.

I have been experimenting with so many different things, and I plan to share a super easy recipe with you guys next week, so stay tuned!

Okay, so I am going to end this here because this was just a random, but justified, post of ramblings. LOL

Happy trails,



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