Health + Beauty Healthy Vegan Chinese Takeout Recipe! February 7, 2018

Healthy Vegan Chinese Takeout!

I absolutely love Chinese takeout. Especially Vegan Chinese takeout.

Unfortunately, you can’t be sure about the food you order from restaurants. They might cook on the same grill they cook meat on, use sauces that have animal byproducts in them.. the list goes on.

So, I took it upon myself to find a tried and true recipe that I could make from home so that I know what is going in my food. And let’s be honest… it’s always healthier and cheaper to cook from home! Win-win-win.

Since I have switched to a mostly plant based diet, my favorite person to watch is High Carb Hannah. And she has created the BEST  Vegan Chinese takeout meal EVER. All of her meals that I have tried are amazing, but there is something about this one that just makes it taste like it came from your nearest Chinese restaurant.

Of course, I tweaked it myself and I will share the recipe that I made, but here is where I got the inspiration from! And you should definitely check out the rest of her channel for amazing vegan inspiration!

Vegan Chinese Takeout:

1/2 Cup of broccoli

1/2 handful of spinach

sprouts (as many as YOU like)

1/2 Cup of carrots

4 oz of tofu, cut into cubes and baked

2 tbsp of hoisin sauce

1 tsp of garlic powder

1 tsp of liquid aminos or soy sauce

red pepper flakes

sesame seeds

1 serving of noodles of your choosing!


First, put all the veggies, except for the spinach, in a skillet with 2 tbsp of water and let them cook for a bit. Then, add the hoisin sauce, garlic powder, liquid aminos and pepper flakes. I also add some Korean chili powder because I really like spicy!

Next, let the veggies cook a bit longer to soak up all the sauce and start to boil your noodles in some water as normal.

Once the veggies are soft and the noodles are cooked, drain the noodles and add the to the veggie skillet so that they can soak up all the flavor as well! this is when I add the spinach so they aren’t completely wilted from being cooked. I will also add a dash of hoisin sauce and liquid aminos just so the noodles really soak up flavor.

After a couple of minutes, you are ready to eat your delicious and nutritious Chinese take out! Add your tofu and top it off with some sesame seeds for added protein (Mommy tang anyone???)

Healthy Vegan Chinese Takout

That’s it! And it literally takes less than 15 minutes to recreate the recipe. Just a note that this isn’t a soup, so that is why you don’t really cook with a lot of water or broth, and the end result should not be soupy! It should be pretty dry and packed with flavor.

I hope you enjoyed this and it has given you some inspiration! My favorite thing to cook recently has been Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese foods because they already cook with so many veggies and tofu that it makes it very easy to make anything vegan!

Thank you again for reading and if you try this out, let me know how you like it! Don’t forget to show Hannah some love on her YouTube Channel 🙂





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